At Privy, we're focused on empowering small and medium sized businesses to build more relationships, with the right customers, that drive real revenue. 

We recently crossed a huge milestone ourselves, with over 100,000 sites across 180 countries, using Privy to fuel their growth. 

In 2016, we helped drive over 10,000,000 purchases across our users. And for many, these were their first customer orders ever placed. 

Starting and growing a business is incredibly challenging. As a small business ourselves,  we share those ups and downs together with you, our users.  

That's why we're so incredibly humbled and honored that you have allowed Privy to play a small role in your success. So today is really about you, the 100,000+ business owners and marketers using Privy.

Cheers to you and the inspiring businesses that each of you are building. 

~ Thank you from all of us at Privy.



Help us celebrate some of the over 100,000, incredible businesses using Privy:


And a special thank you to our many integration and marketing partners who have helped us grow along the way.