CartValue Based Messaging Overview


The express aisle at the supermarket. The high roller area at a casino. The premium member lounge at the airport.

What do they all have in common?  

They are all offering something different simply based on how much a consumer is spending. And they are very effective at creating a positive experience, even if each is decidedly different.

  • The express aisle for shoppers with only a few items is designed to create a fast and efficient experience for small orders that brings customers back for larger orders in the future.

  • The high roller area is designed to create a more luxurious, personalized experience that keeps you gamblers playing and spending beyond what they had planned. And the longer they play, the more likely casinos are to make money.

  • The premium flyer lounge is provided primarily as a thank you for spending more money with an airline over a long period of time. The lounge is chock full of amenities, but not designed with a specific goal of immediate sales.

So, how does that apply to eCommerce?


The important thing to take away is that you have different types of customers who should be treated differently based on their value to your business. Some people will buy something small and if they have a good first experience, they will come back for more. Others will be comfortable making a major purchase. And yet another group will come back over and over again. Each of these customer types will likely respond to a different offer once your recognize them.

For example, new shoppers with a small cart value may really appreciate free shipping or a small percentage discount to help them feel comfortable buying from a new store. Whereas people planning to spend a larger amount of money may want a dollar amount discount that looks and feels more significant. While frequent visitors may appreciate a non-financial reward such as a bonus product or free sample of a new item.

In the next section, we’ll talk about how to target and build those offers.

A Key Question: To Use Exit Intent or Not?

That’s a little bit of a trick question. Of course, cart value based messaging works great when combined with exit intent to save a sale from vanishing into thin air. The question is really whether that is the only time to use cart value messaging.

And the answer should definitely be no. Regardless of the goal or the value, you want to keep people on the happy path to making a purchase (and telling their friends about it). Once someone has decided not to buy, you’re fighting against momentum. But if you give them a special offer that entices them to complete the purchase BEFORE they have changed their mind, your conversion rate will surely go up.

Now, some people might say that you’re giving away something unnecessarily. But if the goal is happy, repeat customers, a token of appreciation is never a waste of money.