Five Starter Campaigns You Should Consider to Boost Site Conversion

While you definitely don’t want to barrage your visitors with messages when they hit your site, there are a bunch of campaigns you may want to launch right away.

  1. The Welcome Campaign: The welcome campaign is a pop-up triggered by either time delay or scrolling, and can be targeted at every visitor to your site. This is the most basic list growth tactic and one everyone should employ as a starting point. If you're selling a product try a discount-based Spin to Win display to drive engagement right away!

  2. Exit Intent Pop-up: While you can use the same campaign for your welcome and your exit intent pop-ups, we recommend breaking them into two so you can speak more directly to the action that a visitor has taken. For example, your headline for the exit intent campaign can be “Wait, Sign up Before You Go!” while your welcome campaign could be “Welcome to our store! Sign up today for a great discount on your first purchase.”

  3. Free Shipping Bar: If you offer free shipping or a satisfaction guarantee, consider highlighting it with a bar at the top or bottom of your page that links to more information and does not include a form. This inspires confidence among shoppers and makes them more likely to purchase.

  4. The Exclusive Content Flyout: If you’re not selling a product (or even if you are), you may want to entice people to sign up to download a piece of content that will tell them more about a topic or your organization. One great example is for people reading a specific blog post (or just your blog in general), you can target a campaign based on the page they are reading and encourage them to download a case study or eBook.

  5. Mobile Signup: This is probably the simplest of the five options here. By targeting your campaigns by device type, you can create a message that is easy to read and respond to for your mobile visitors. Use a banner or flyout to ask people to sign up for your list that doesn’t distract from the overall mobile browsing experience. If you’re running a free shipping bar at the top of your page, make sure to do your sign up bar at the bottom (or the reverse). Pro tip: Having a tab placed at the bottom of your page without a trigger attached to the campaign makes signup easily accessible without having to show the whole form.