Welcome Email and AutoResponder Basics

The first four sections of Privy Academy have been focused on why it’s important to focus on on-site conversion and building some basic campaigns to help turn your site visitors into contacts and customers. But we haven’t yet talked about what to send them once they sign up.

Sending an autoresponder welcome email when someone signs up for your list is an often overlooked, but incredibly important moment in starting the relationship between you and your new subscriber. They have just signified that they are interested in what you do or sell and this is your first chance to make a great impression beyond your website. Yet many people either don’t send a welcome message or put minimal effort into it’s design and content.

Whether you are sending your autoresponder through Privy or your email service provider, you’ll accomplish three goals:

  1. You’ve confirmed their submission worked. Nothing is worse than filling out a form for something valuable and not knowing if it went through!

  2. You’ll create a permanent version of the offer that someone signed up for. It’s easy to forget a coupon code or  a link to an exclusive piece of content. Sending the information in an email that can be saved helps people find what they need, when they need it.

  3. You’ve created a new positive brand impression that can humanize your brand. The welcome emails gives you a chance to provide additional information in a friendly, casual way.

For each on-site campaign you run, you’ll want to set up a unique welcome email that delivers on the offer and speaks directly to what they have signed up for.

7 Do’s and Don’t’s of the Welcome Autoresponder Email

  • Do thank them for signing up.

  • Do fulfill your offer right away by putting the offer code or content link front and center.

  • Do set expectations for how often they will hear from you.

  • Do spend some time on the subject line so it catches their attention.

  • Do keep it single column to ensure your email will be easily read on a mobile device.

  • Don’t make it long. This shouldn't be a newsletter, it’s a welcome message and should be no more than 150 words.

  • Don’t change the subject. This is not the time to immediately start selling something else. That is better suited for an email series.

  • Don’t be sloppy. Proofread and check the formatting on all of your devices, and on someone else’s devices.