The Coupon Reminder Email Series

Every good marketing activity starts with the end in mind. For some, the goal is pretty clear and a coupon reminder series is one of those. You’ve gotten a visitor to your site to sign up for your emails in exchange for a discount of some kind and now you want to drive them to their first purchase. While it’s tempting to do the email version of screaming,  “Buy Now! Buy Now!” at them, that’s not generally a winning strategy.  

Instead, pace yourself. Build out a series of four emails designed to drive to that first purchase.

Your emails should be easy to consume (i.e. short and single column) and have a clear call to action as well as the coupon code that they originally signed up for. And they should be spread apart by a few days to make sure you’re burying your new potential sale like Tommy Callahan lighting a toy car on fire.

Before you send any email, it’s worth planning out the whole series. Here is a basic framework you can adapt to your business:

Note: You’ll want this series to end once the coupon is redeemed. This happens automatically if you are sending your reminder series from Privy.