Frequently Asked Questions

If you recently claimed an offer powered by Privy, you might find this FAQ helpful.

How do I redeem an offer?

To redeem an offer, go to a participating location of the business. Then, using a mobile device, open the email you received that contains the offer and click the "I'm In Store" button. This will take you to the offer's redemption page. 

Ask a staff member at the business for the store code and enter this code in the space provided on the redemption page. If redemption was successful, show the green smiley face to the staff member to receive your offer!

I don't have a mobile phone. Can I still redeem my offer?

Businesses that use Privy have the option of restricting redemptions to mobile devices only, and this will be mentioned in the offer restrictions prior to claiming an offer. This is done for various reasons, including ease of use for consumers and staff. If you don’t have a mobile phone, you can either wait until the next offer that the business publishes which doesn’t have the restriction, or you could forward the offer to a friend that does have a mobile phone and go into a location together with that person.

Can I use the same offer more than once? Do I need to be a first-time customer to redeem the offer?

Each offer has its own restrictions set by the business. In some cases, the business may limit an offer to one per customer, or to first-time customers only. Businesses may also limit the redemption times for a certain offer. We suggest you read the terms of each offer before claiming the offer in order to best understand the applicable restrictions.

I can't find a specific location for the business that I know exists. What do I do?

Businesses will occasionally limit offers to certain participating locations and this will be included in the restrictions prior to claiming the offer. Read the details of the offer to see if your preferred location is a participating one. If not, you will not be able to use this offer for that location, but keep an eye out for future offers that are valid at your preferred location.

I have a question or comment for the business itself that is unrelated to this offer. What should I do?

If you have a specific question, feedback, or comment about the business itself, please contact the business directly.

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