The Best List Growth and Abandonment Tools for Hubspot Users


Forget 2% conversion.

With Privy,  your clients can turn 10%, 20%, or more of their web traffic into email subscribers and paying customers. 

"As a small business, I was reluctant to lock up money for a year on Privy, but it was worth it as soon as the first campaign finished." 
- Howler Magazine

grow your list with beautiful welcome pop ups

Create beautiful pop ups, flyouts, and other displays with easy to use targeting and triggers designed to welcome visitors to your site with a special offer or sign up request.

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reduce abandonment with cart saver pop ups

Launch targeted displays using exit intent and special discounts to close the sale with high value segments of your audience before they disappear. Learn more about triggers and audience targeting. Learn more about triggers and audience targeting.



create mobile optimized displays and landing pages

Use flyouts and landing pages to create high converting displays, offers, and forms specifically for your mobile visitors.

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promote new products to returning shoppers

Use "no form" displays to promote new products to key segments of your audience and encourage them to buy today. 

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Sync new contacts to HUBspot and offers to your ecommerce platform

Automatically add new contacts to any Hubspot list as soon as they sign up and create Master and Unique Coupon codes that automatically sync with Shopify or Big Commerce stores.  See all integrations.



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Who Uses Privy?

Join the over 250,000 businesses like Hubble Contacts, Universal Music Group, Bombtech Golf, Dude Perfect, and Dormify using Privy's highly targeted pop-ups, banners, bars, flyouts, and email automation to grow their email lists and increase their online sales.