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Learn How to Dramatically Grow Your List and Your Online Sales with Privy Growth


"Before Privy, it was challenging to set up and run A/B tests on our opening offer. When we tested the original against the offer pictured here that prominently highlights the discount, we were able to increase our welcome email capture rate by 57.6%."

- Lauren from Dormify


Grow a high quality email list

Create beautiful pop ups, flyouts and other displays with easy to use targeting and triggers designed to get people to join your list and buy from your store.

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Build a Tiered Cart abandonment Strategy

Launch targeted displays with exit intent and special discounts to close the sale with high value segments of your audience before they disappear. Learn more about triggers and audience targeting.


streamline the initial purchase process

Use "no form" displays to promote new or featured products to key segments of your audience.  And install the Shopify Magic Coupon script to automatically add the most recent coupon code show to a person's cart. 

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drive repeat visits and sales

Send autoresponders, coupon reminders, and welcome series that drive people back
to your site to learn more or make a purchase.

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Integrate with your existing ecommerce ecosystem

With Privy Growth, you can sync new contacts and additional information like unique coupon codes and source to your email marketing, CRM, ecommerce or retargeting platform in real-time.

Privy campaigns can also be deeply integrated with your existing workflows with support for double opt-in, custom fields, and segments.
See all integrations.


Privy Growth: Advanced Features

Privy has all the tools and integrations ecommerce marketers need to drastically improve their conversion rate and drive sales.

  • Create high converting offers and beautiful displays that are integrated with top ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce

  • Deliver highly relevant on-site messages to each segment of your audience with advanced targeting rules and triggers including cart value, source, UTM, session count, exit intent and dozens more.

  • Automatically sync robust data for new signups to specific lists and segments in email services providers including Bronto, Retention Science, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and dozens of others

  • Completely customize your on-site campaigns with custom HTML and JavaScript, a powerful drag and drop display builder, custom fonts, and more.

  • Optimize your site conversion by A/B testing  your offers, design, display types, and forms.  

  • Measure your success with real-time reporting in the Privy Dashboard and integrations with Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and more.

Who Uses Privy?

Join the over 250,000 businesses like Hubble Contacts, Universal Music Group, Bombtech Golf, Dude Perfect, and Dormify using Privy's highly targeted pop-ups, banners, bars, flyouts, and email automation to grow their email lists and increase their online sales.


Implementation Services

As part of your Privy Growth plan you'll get access to our implementation experts to ensure you get started on the right foot. Services typically include two 60-minute calls, an ongoing point of contact, early access to new features, and implementation of the Shopify Magic Coupon Script. 

Call 1: The Privy Basics

  • Platform introduction
  • Review ESP and ecommerce platform integrations
  • Enable Google Analytics tracking
  • Implement conversion pixels
  • Review Coupons builder
  • Build Audience Targeting, Triggering, Form Structure, & Autoresponder for two campaigns
  • Review display design elements

Call 2: Privy Advanced

  • Review results for existing campaigns; troubleshoot / make recommendations
  • Review A/B testing
  • Review advanced Audience Targeting & Form Structure
  • Review Reports
  • Build Audience Targeting, Triggering, Form Structure, & Autoresponder for an additional campaign

Privy Growth Pricing

Your team can use Privy’s advanced features for $299/month for up to 250K pageviews with custom pricing for higher volume merchants. In addition, you’ll get access to a dedicated implementation specialist and unlimited chat and email support.

Want to poke around yourself? Create a free account.