The Best List Growth Tools for SMBs


Forget 2% conversion.

With Privy,  small and medium sized businesses turn 10%, 20%, or more of their web traffic into email subscribers. All without bothering their web development team or IT department.

"Awesome app that’s super intuitive and easy to use! Highly recommended if you're working on building an email list." 
- Evviva Fit Gear


grow your list with beautiful welcome pop ups

Create beautiful pop ups, flyouts, and other displays with easy to use targeting and triggers designed to welcome visitors to your site with a special offer or sign up request.

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Increase your blog subscribers

Use flyouts on your blog to capture engaged readers and add them to your list.

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Capture new contacts before they leave

Launch targeted displays with exit intent and special discounts to close the sale with high value segments of your audience before they disappear. Learn more about triggers and audience targeting.


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create mobile optimized displays and landing pages

Use flyouts and landing pages to create displays and forms specifically for your mobile visitors.

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promote un-gated content and new products

Use "no form" displays to promote new or featured content and products to key segments of your audience.  

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drive repeat visits and sales

Send autoresponders, coupon reminders, and welcome series that drive people back
to your site to learn more or make a purchase.

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Sync new contacts to your Email provider

If you're using an email service provider other than Privy, you can automatically sync new contacts to any list as soon as they sign up. See all integrations.

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Privy Pricing

Start free and run as many displays as you want, capture as many sign ups as you can, and create as many landing pages as you need. Get full pricing details on our Pricing Page.


Why Choose Commerce?

  • Choose from dozens of advanced targeting options like source, session, pageviews, and more
  • Use unique coupon codes in your campaigns
  • Embed video and other custom HTML in your displays


Why Choose Plus?

  • Create mobile and desktop specific campaigns
  • Show or hide campaigns on specific site pages
  • Redirect users after signup
  • Remove the Privy logo from your campaigns

Looking for more advanced features like premium ESP integrations, unique coupon code distribution, and analytics integrations? Check out our Growth Plan.

Who Uses Privy?

Join the over 250,000 businesses like Hubble Contacts, Universal Music Group, Bombtech Golf, Dude Perfect, and Dormify using Privy's highly targeted pop-ups, banners, bars, flyouts, and email automation to grow their email lists and increase their online sales.


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