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Grow your email list at every opportunity.

Collect customer emails from everywhere - on your website, on social media, even at the point of sale. With Privy, every interaction is an opportunity to build loyalty.

Online and in-store conversion tracking.

Run single-use promotions you can trace back to where your customer found you. Did they come from Facebook, paid advertising, or point of purchase displays? Now you'll know.

Grow revenue with more loyal, repeat customers..

Amplify your marketing efforts and revenue by engaging with your most loyal customers, not just those looking for discounts. Our targeted segmentation helps you identify your best customers.

Best tools for local businesses.


In-store offers.

Website banners and popups.


Case studies.


Bruegger's Bagels — Quick Serve Restaurant

Bruegger's wanted to accelerate their email database growth. Using Privy's website widget and in-store offers they increased their customer acquisition rate by 12X in a matter of days.

  • 45,000 new emails added to their eClub.
  • 30,000 in-store offer redemptions


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