Building an email list is critical for businesses of all sizes. Join 50,000+ businesses who use Privy to collect millions of emails and engage billions of customers.


Grow your list from anywhere.

Whether it's on your website, social media, or at your point of sale, with Privy, every interaction is an opportunity to build customer loyalty for your business and convert your email list into real dollars.



High-converting email collection tools.

Privy comes equipped with all the tools you need to collect emails from anywhere. It’s the Swiss Army knife of email collection.

Javascript website widgets.

Collect emails on your site with popups, banners, email bars, and embedded forms. Match your brand with our rich designer features.

Mobile-friendly landing pages.

Distribute your campaign across the web with sharable, trackable, and customizable landing pages.

Intelligent targeting behavior.

Including exit-intent, timing, device targeting, pre-filled forms, and other advanced targeting features. No coding required.


Offers & incentives.

Privy holds the stick while you dangle the carrot — in the form of an offer or digital download — in order to incentivize customer conversion.

Whitepapers, downloads, and coupon codes.

Distribute offers and file downloads gated behind an email signup form.

 Simple online and in-store offer redemption processes.

Drive revenue and track ROI with location-based and online offers for brick & mortar or e-commerce businesses.

Automatic fraud prevention.

Limit signup to only new customers and prevent both internal and consumer fraud.


Tailored solutions for your site or business.

Mix and match Privy's tools to find a solution that works best for you. Privy is proven to work well across a variety of industries.



Combine Privy’s exit-intent popups and online offers to reduce cart abandonment and increase revenue.


Local businesses.

Utilize Privy’s in-store offers to incentivize customers to both sign up and visit your store.


Blogs & publishers.


Embed a Privy form in your blog to capture emails of readers interested in your content.


People love Privy.


Christin uses Privy's automatic MailChimp integration.

"We've doubled our email list in 4 months and have much better insight into offer redemptions, channel ROI and list growth. Privy has made my life so much easier."

Stacey uses Privy on her Shopify site.

"Incredibly easy to set up & amazing results. My newsletter skyrocketed and went from 5-6 signups per day to an average of 80 through Privy. I can't thank Privy enough!"

 Mike uses Privy with Constant Contact.

"Powerful, easy and gorgeous. The best implementation of marketing tools I have ever seen."


Integrated with everything.

Well, maybe not everything, but Privy offers tons of integrations with popular email service providers, site-builders, and more.


Email service providers.

Automatically sync new emails with these services.


Retargeting Services.

Easily sync your contacts, then target them with ads.


Website builders.

Easily install Privy on your site  with these plugins.



Notification services.

Get real-time notifications about your campaigns and signups.


Start growing your list with Privy today.

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