Use exit intent to grow your email list and online store.

Show an offer to visitors leaving your site with Privy's exit intent technology.

Exit intent drives growth

The best way to acquire new customers is through the high intent traffic coming to your website. Privy's exit intent system tracks a user's movements on a page and prompts an event (like a popup) when it detects a visitor is about to leave the site. Read more about triggers and targeting.

Engage customers with an offer

With our exit intent banners and popups, present offers or signup forms to visitors who are about to leave your site.  Using an offer-driven signup can double conversions rates.

How to activate exit intent

  1. Go into your dashboard and create a campaign (or select an existing one).

  2. In the design step, open the display trigger card.

  3. Enable exit intent.

  4. Save visitors and grow your list!

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