Incentivize list growth & drive sales with Privy Offers.

Easily publish email-gated offers to amplify list growth, drive online and offline conversions, or encourage content downloads.

Intelligent Offer Creation

Encourage email list signup in return for access to an offer. Set restrictions around geo-targeting, usage, supply, and more.

Simple Offer Publishing

Deploy your offer across the web with one click using Privy's website widget and landing pages.


E-commerce Tracking

Understand the value of your email list signups by tracking when new signups use your offer as part of an actual online purchase. Integration for master coupon codes, and bulk coupon codes available.


In-store Conversion Tracking

If you run a physical store, use Privy's location-based tracking to measure when your email signups buy in your store.


Coupon Fraud Prevention

Reduce the misuse of coupons using Privy's advanced offer settings and validation, such as limiting one-per-customer, first-time customers only, or by promo and POS codes. Use master codes, or bulk codes, depending on your needs.


Real-Time Results

Analyze signup and conversion data. Turn the dials on the offer to match your signup or conversion goals.

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