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Who is a good fit for Privy?

Small and medium sized ecommerce businesses:

  • Selling on Shopify, ShopifyPlus, BigCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, or Volusion
  • Currently using a non-enterprise email service provider or no email service provider
  • Using discounts to generate initial and repeat sales

Small and medium sized B2B businesses or content publishers:

  • Using Wix, Weebly,, or Squarespace as their web platform
  • Actively trying to grow their email list
  • Creating unique content to generate new subscribers
  • Currently using a non-enterprise email service provider or no email service provider

What services can I sell with Privy?

  • Monthly display design refresh: Create new or revised campaigns for your customers on a monthly basis that include items like on-site display and autoresponder emails.
  • Conversion consulting and testing: Set up, run, and analyze the results of ongoing display campaigns and A/B tests. For example, help clients determine the best offer, design or form length to drive conversions.
  • Cart abandonment strategies: Set up and analyze the performance of cart-saver displays and automated emails designed to reduce abandonment.
  • Display and Email Design Services: Create beautiful, high converting displays and emails for your clients that are on-brand.
  • Custom Scripts: Implement custom scripts that can be embedded in Privy displays to add functionality like timers, add to cart, and more.
  • Email strategy and monthly newsletters: Develop email and list building strategies and then execute on their monthly sends. 

Is Paypal the only payout option?

Yes, currently. In the future there will be other payout options.