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List Growth 101

This is a getting started resource for growing your email list. It's a visual manifesto on our recommendations on where to begin.


Privy is designed to be easy to use, and self service. We know you want to move fast, but sometimes how to guides can help pave the way.


Keep up with the Blog

We regularly release new articles and resources on our blog. Check our blog for frequent updates, announcements and more great marketing content.

Data - State of Email List Growth

Collectively, marketers are using Privy to engage billions of consumers. We regularly release benchmarks and best practices so you have context for your results, and a path to improvement.


Shopify Conversion Rate Grader

We've partnered with Shopify Experts, OnlyGrowth, to audit and grade your shopify website. Totally free, you'll hear from a shopify expert in 3 days with the top 5 recommendations for increasing your website's conversion rate.

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