Deliver the Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time 

Use exit intent, time, and scroll triggers to launch highly targeted campaigns to your key audiences.


Campaign Triggers

Every Privy plan gives you a number of ways to launch your campaign that can be used individually or in combination.



The time trigger displays your campaign, based on how long a visitor has been on your site. It could show immediately when a visitor lands, 10 seconds later, or longer depending on how much content you want a visitor to read before you show them your message.




Scroll Percentage

Show your campaign once a visitor has scrolled down your page a certain percentage. This is a great way to ensure that your visitor is interested before asking them to opt-in.





Exit Intent

The exit intent trigger tracks your visitor's mouse movement, and if the visitor appears to be leaving or "exiting" your site, you can use that as a trigger for your campaign. This is very useful for capturing people's information before they abandon their cart or leave your site.



You can choose not to proactively launch your campaign and instead make it available through a tab at the bottom, top, side, or floating on your website.  In addition, tabs can be used to allow

Audience Targeting

Privy's powerful audience targeting capabilities make it easy to serve personal, relevant messages to your audiences.


With Privy, you can create simple or complex targeting rules by using one or many of the following criteria: 

  • Device type
  • Current URL
  • Cart value
  • Day of week
  • Time of day
  • Referring URL
  • Initial URL this session
  • Initial URL all time
  • Traffic type
  • Initial traffic type
  • Custom Javascript
  • Country
  • Language
  • Sessions count
  • Pageviews overall
  • Pageviews this session
  • Privy campaign history

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