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Join 250,000+ businesses using Privy to grow their email lists, deliver targeted offers, reduce cart abandonment, increase return visits, and sell more in their Volusion store.

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Powerful mobile and web audience targeting

Target based on exit intent, page URL, geography, referral path and more. Serve the most relevant messages to the precise set of visitors you want to engage.

Integrated with your Current Systems

Connect and sync in real-time to a wide array of email service providers, CRMs, retargeting platforms and more. No need for IT to get involved.

Intelligent offer creation and incentive tracking

Configure discounts, track, and distribute single use coupon codes that amplify list growth, drive transactions, and save carts before they abandon.

Real-time reporting and AB tests

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Track new opt-ins, where they come from, which offers and forms they're responding to. Leave the heavy lifting to us, sit back and watch the results roll in.

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In just a few days of installing Privy, we're seeing a massive lift in conversions.
I love how easy Privy is to use & implement, it’s been an absolute game changer for my online strategy. Most recently I used an exit popup as a link extension for a google ad funnel, which is really helping the conversion rate of my ads. And the bar has already been our most successful email collector to date. 

      - Ardith, E-commerce Manager @ Chosen Foods



Always Free Plan

All display types. Exit intent and other triggers. Standard ESP integrations.  Unlimited signups. Up to 250K Monthly Views.


Plus Plan - $24

Page targeting. White label. Device targeting.

Commerce Plan - $79

Advanced audience targeting. Advanced ESP syncing. Single use coupons.


Growth Plan - $299

A/B testing. Conversion tracking Pixel Integrations. Priority Support.

Volusion customers get 15% off the first 3 months of any paid plan.
(Enter in promo code: VOLUSION)

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